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Mission Statement
To promote the application and advancement of science, technology, innovations, and next-generation management practices (STIMPS) to enhance entrepreneurship, productivity, manufacturing, and processing.
Key Objectives
  1. Promoting and implementing policy analysis, development, influence, and reform implementation.
  2. Advancing scientific, technological, artistic, or social science research.
  3. Educating and sponsoring the education of students, researchers, interns, or innovators with unique abilities, talents, or innovations.
Commercialization of Sericulture Technologies in Uganda Project
Vision: Increase industrialization and export development through sustainable adoption of sericulture technologies.

Mission: Achieve excellence in utilizing next-generation research outputs to transform Uganda’s sericulture industry.

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Welcome to the Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI), where we foster progress through science, technology, and innovation. Established with a commitment to advancing knowledge and skills, TRIDI plays a pivotal role in shaping a future where entrepreneurship, productivity, and manufacturing thrive.


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Commercialization of Sericulture Technologies and Innovations in Uganda project was part of the innovation projects which were supported by Innovation Fund in the FY2017/2018 in accordance with guidelines from H.E The President of the Republic of Uganda to support scientists to commercialize their innovations. Since it’s inception, this project is partly supported by the Government of Uganda through The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MoSTI) and supervised by The Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST).
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At TRIDI, we believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive community of learners. Our admissions process is designed to identify individuals with a passion for science, technology, and innovation, preparing them for a dynamic and impactful academic experience.

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In Research

Sericulture Project

Under the Commercialization of Sericulture Technologies in Uganda Project, we envision increasing industrialization and export development through sustainable adoption of sericulture technologies. Our mission is to achieve excellence in utilizing next-generation research outputs to transform Uganda’s sericulture industry from subsistence to sustainable commercial production.

Enhancing Breeding of Goats and Sheep

At TRIDI, we recognize the pivotal role of genetic adaptability in the livestock industry. Our project on enhancing the breeding of goats and sheep is designed to harness the power of genomics and community-based breeding programs, ultimately contributing to the resilience and productivity of small ruminants in Uganda.

Breeding of Sorghum for Striga Resistance & Drought Tolerance

At TRIDI, we embark on a mission to enhance the resilience of sorghum crops through innovative breeding programs. Our focus is on developing sorghum varieties that exhibit robust resistance to Striga, a parasitic weed, and demonstrate enhanced tolerance to drought conditions. This initiative aligns with our commitment to sustainable agriculture and food security in Uganda.

Salts and Chlorine and Caustic Soda Production

Explore the world of chemical innovation and production at TRIDI, where we take pride in our cutting-edge facilities and expertise in salts, chlorine, and caustic soda production. From meticulous processes to sustainable practices, TRIDI ensures the highest quality standards in the chemical industry.

Banana Fiber Extraction and Processing

Discover the transformative journey of banana fibers from farm to fabric at TRIDI. Our dedicated research and development in banana fiber extraction and processing aim to unlock the full potential of this versatile and sustainable material for various industries.

Production, Processing, and Utilization of Coffee

Embark on a flavorful exploration of coffee production, processing, and utilization at TRIDI. Our commitment to excellence in every stage of the coffee value chain ensures that coffee lovers experience the richness and quality that define the world's favorite caffeinated beverage.

Promoting Local Production and Consumption of Fertilizers

Welcome to TRIDI's initiative dedicated to promoting the local production and consumption of fertilizers, utilizing indigenous phosphate rock. At the heart of sustainable agriculture, this project aims to enhance soil fertility, increase crop yields, and contribute to food security.

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