A Functional Silkworm Rearing House, What it should contain ?

Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI), a research organisation has its branches or stations in many places, one of which is Namasumbi, in Mukono District, where a number of sericultural activities are taking place, to enable the achievement of quality cocoons.

Visiting Namasumbi sericulture station, one discovers different things like rearing structure which is made of wood. It comprises of the number of items, each having its own use specifically, like bed stands made of wooden and wire mesh for silkworms to move in freely. The beds are cleaned regularly, to ensure better hygiene, which is a key aspect for the survival of the worms. There are nylon nets, which have holes fitted in them. These are placed on top of the beds, for the silkworms to move about freely and feed. The nets are cleaned (washed) after every feeding of silkworms. There is also a local stove for temperature regulation is always there. Lime powder is added on the mulberry leaves (food for silkworms), in order to kill pests and diseases which may kill the silkworms, and special room for incubation. The mulberry is cultivated on a garden of about 13 acres of mulberry plants and it is planted in paired row system of 90+150 cm. Mulberry is often pruned and thinned to maintain their production rate and shape, so as not to grow so wild. Pruning is the cutting of all the mulberry stems in big size and above for it to sprout new leaves best for feeding silkworms. Pruning of the used mulberry is continuous and is done periodically. Thinning on the other hand, is the removing of excess stems and those that are growing unnecessarily downwards. Thinning of mulberry is also done to improve on the quality of leaves. Namasumbi is the main station for sericulture, sooner or later, silkworm rearing has been extended to other remaining stations in the country, like Kayunga, Nwoya, Sheema, Gomba, among others, where mulberry is grown.

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