Our Objectives

  1. 1. Promoting and implementing policy analysis, development, influence and reform implementation
  2. 2. Promoting and experimenting the use and advancement scientific, technological and artistic innovations.
  3. 3. Advancing scientific, technological, artistic or social science research.
  4. 4. Educating and sponsoring the education of students, researchers, interns or innovators with unique abilities, talents or innovations.
  5. 5. Providing courses of education through feasible programs.
  6. 6. Operating laboratories, factories, farms, workshops, studios and or other installations for the advancement of scientific, technological or artistic discoveries and innovations.
  7. 7. Supporting information dissemination and application

Our Key Outputs

  1. Enhanced utilization and productivity of skills and talents of people in the tropics.
  2. Strengthened capacity for using STIMPS for Development in the Tropics.
  3. Enhanced implementation of policy instruments and institutional arrangements for sustainable utilisation of STIMPS
  4. Enhanced utilization of knowledge and information on STIMPS.

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