Within Tropical Institute of Development Innovations, there are Departments: Sericulture, Research, Agriculture, Engineering, Design and Technology, and Journalism, Media & Communication. These department are the major communities of scholars within a common disciplinary tradition that provide the first general structure of the academic offerings of the Institute.

Within some of the Departments, there are smaller units called departments. Examples of these are the department of Science in Apiculture within Agriculture Department, Machining & Fitting within the Engineering, and Fashion and Design with the Design The departments are more specialized groups of scholars and academic offerings

Each Department found within them, host Programmes that award educational credentials, such as Diploma, Certificate, or degrees. These are the Programmatic areas that students pursue in order to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and skills in a certain disciplinary tradition and to achieve a credential indicating their proficiency in said area. Some examples are: the Certificate in Information Technology in the Engineering, Design and Technology, Certificate in Sericulture in the Agriculture, and the Certificate in Fashion and design in Engineering, Design and Technology

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