Processes for creating, modifying and deleting academic programs are designed to ensure that programs are aligned with institute strategic priorities, support the originating academic unit’s mission, comply with institute policy and operations, and are sustainable with available resources.

The Academic Unit structure consists of  School, Institutes, Departments and Centres and defined as below.


This is an Academic Unit engaged in Teaching, learning, research and knowledge and technology transfer partnerships based on a focused body of Knowledge.


This is a unit which is exclusively research based implementation of the projects.


This is a unit of a Institute, which is largely focused on service and knowledge transfer partnerships and more of the practical learning is done here.


This is a unit of a school that deals with core functions of teaching, learning and research functions of a particular focused discipline, with at least one programme leading to the award of a Diploma or Certificate.

Sericulture. Department

Apiculture. Department

 Applied Chemistry. Department

Information Technology. Department

 General Engineering And Machine Repairs. Department

 Journalism And Media Studies. Department

 Fashion And Design. Department

 Welding And Fabrication. Department

 Wood Work. Department

 Cosmetology. Department

 Agriculture. Department

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