Graduate Training Scheme

Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI) is implementing a graduate training scheme. TRIDI graduate scheme is a structured training program run by TRIDI to develop future leaders of TRIDI and its associated companies and or businesses. This graduate program will last between one and two years (although it can be longer), and is available in several specialties, which include the following:

Specialties Needed

1. Accounting and Finance2. Administration and Management3. Agriculture, Forestry, Biodiversity, and Conservation
4. Agro-processing and Agro-industrialization5. Apiculture6. Applied Chemistry
7. Artificial Insemination & Invitro Fertilization8. Bioinformatics9. Biosafety
10. Clearing and Forwarding11. Coffee Production, Processing, and Preparation for Consumption12. Community, Mobilization and Mindset Change
13. Cosmetology and Body Therapy14. Data analysts15. Economy
16. Electrical Installation and Maintenance17. Environmental Impact Assessment18. Entomology
19. Fashion and Garment Design20. Geotechnology, Hydrology and Water Engineering21. Information and Communication Technology
22. Innovation, Technology Development, and Transfer23. Public Relations, Journalism & Media Studies24. Laboratory Technology
25. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology26. Engineering27. Policy Analysis, Influence, and Reform Implementation
28. Procurement and Logistics Management29. Seed Production and Processing30. Sociology and Economy
31. Statistics32. Sericulture33. Tourism and Hospitality Management
34. Woodwork Technology

2. Benefits to the Trainee
As a graduate trainee, you will benefit from receiving responsibility from the outset, an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop a broad understanding of your chosen profession, as well as receiving support in building key skills.

As a graduate trainee, you will work both within the office environment and field or practical. The graduate trainee, TRIDI trains you to possess the skills for next-generation creative thinkers and leaders in responding to the most demanding and rigorous priorities to eradicate hunger, fight poverty, promote economic growth, and enhance sustainable use of natural resources.

3. What we offer

  •  1. Modest upkeep equivalent to public services entry level for support staff, during the graduate training program
  • 2. Hands-on experience
  • 3. Three-week intensive training with the required skills
  • 4. Ongoing training throughout graduate training
  •  5. Mentorship Programme which pairs you with industry professionals
  • 6. Training and soft skill development through coaching
  •  7. Participate in TRIDI social events throughout the year
  • 8. Future Opportunities Programme which allows you to continue advancing your skills
  • 9. Employee Assistance Programme, which is a confidential service that offers support for a wide range of concerns.

4. What we are looking for

  •   We have opportunities available for people with different levels of experience
  •  A flexible and adaptable communicator who can work collaboratively
  •  A love for problem-solving and the ability to make sense of something complex
  • An ambition to work and an understanding of how your work can help TRIDI make better decisions
  • Curious and analytical approach and creative thinking
  • A drive to produce high-quality solutions
  • Dedicated to continuous personal and professional development
  •  Knowledge and understanding of key computer packages
  • Data collection and analysis, Statistical computer,
  • Software programs, Qualitative data research, Quantitative data sets, Project management, Communications.
  • Passion and drive to succeed in a commercial business environment
  • A natural affinity for technology with a desire to improve technical skills

   5. Minimum Qualification/Education requirement

Bachelor’s degree obtained in the last two years or those who have completed their bachelors and met all the requirements for graduation in any of the fields of specialization listed above.

 6. Location

Will be stationed at TRIDI field offices and or headquarters and must live within walkable distances to either TRIDI offices or field station.

  7. Availability:    Immediate deployment

 8. Age:    25 years and below

 9. How to apply

  Interested candidates should submit their Applications, with CVs and three references and copies of academic qualifications to:

The Human Resources and Administration Director

Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI),

P.O Box 23158, Kampala,

E-Mail Address: