Application Procedures

Tropical Institute of Development Innovation offers a wide range of study opportunities at different levels of your career. These programmes which are conducted in English as the language of instruction range from Certificate and Diploma which are designed to develop a cadre of professionals with integrity, power of critical inquiry, logical thought and independent judgment with a development perspective.

Application Procedures

Our mission is to promote the application and advancement of science, technology, innovations and next generation management practices (STIMPS) to enhance entrepreneurship, productivity, manufacturing and processing. Specifically we focus on improving productivity of specialized skills of the people in the Tropics and we use and demonstrate the power of using STIMPS in production, manufacturing and processing. TRIDI also trains and provide education of next generation creative thinkers and leaders in responding to most demanding and rigorous priorities to eradicate hunger, fight poverty, promote economic growth and enhance sustainable use of natural resources. The method we use is advocacy, production, manufacturing and processing while we research and train.

Our Approach

We partner with individuals, communities, ministries, institutions and governments to access and utilize Science, Technology, Innovations and Management Practices (STIMPS) in production, manufacturing and processing while we research and conduct training. With help of demonstration kits that also help as seed capital, we train and demonstrate utilising STIMPS to individuals, communities, and governments and monitor and provide technical backstopping. We recruit beneficiaries based on different age groups provided they demonstrate having specialised skills and talents that can be enhanced. Once recruited we use these age group as influencers.