Bunyoro farmers urged to plant more trees

Environment activists under their umbrella body, Umoja Conservation Trust have embarked on a campaign to save and conserve the environment in the Albertine districts of Hoima, Kikuube, Masindi, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Greater Kibaale and the surrounding areas.

Under the theme “Albertine Conservation Week”, the activists carried out a number of activities including sensitising the public about the dangers of destroying the environment and knowing their rights in light of the ongoing oil exploration in the region.

Maurice Amogola, one of the trustees of Umoja Conservation Trust and the CEO of Minet Uganda Ltd, said in the last two decades, a considerable number of forests in Uganda have been destroyed and this calls for concerted efforts to change the trend.

Amogola urged people in the region to conserve the environment by planting trees for commercial purposes and firewood so that they stop cutting trees in natural forests for charcoal.

He also urged them to plant major cash and food crops so as to reduce pressure on the environment, but also supply food to hotels and the growing number of people in Hoima City due to ongoing oil activities.

“We interacted with representatives of more than 29,000 farmers (managers and chairpersons of various associations) about protecting the environment, but also forge a way forward on how farmers can benefit from more than 14,000 workers who are working on the oil pipeline,” Amogola said, adding that these contractors on the oil pipeline alone will need a minimum of 6,200 kilograms of onions per week.

He said if farmers don’t up production and ensure quality standards, these contractors will end up importing most of the required food stuff.

He urged farmers to plant trees with economic benefits such as shea butter trees and bamboo, among others.

Written by Nakisisa George

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