Engineers from China inaugurate installation of silk reeling machinery in Uganda

Mechanical Engineers from China have started installing of post-coon processing machinery for silk production in Uganda

Expert engineers, Mr. Chen Tianjun and Mr. Xu Jianjin, who flew into the country last week on Friday, have gotten down to the business for which they came, on settling at TRIDI’s Sericulture station in Kabwohe, Rubaare, Sheema District.

They have been joined by their fellow, Mr. Li Chao, who has already been based in the country, to begin assembly and installation of the machinery, which will take them a period of six months to assemble, install and train Ugandans into the actual silk reeling process.

Engineers from China(L-R), Mr. Chen Tianjun, Mr. Xu Jianjin and Mr. Li Chao and TRIDI Executive Director Clet Wandui MASIGA (standing in between the engineers from China), pose for a group photo with some the young Ugandan Engineers to be trained in Silk machinery. Photo by George Nakisisa.

This whole process will be witnessed by 24 young Ugandan engineers, who will be also undergoing training by the engineers, so as to produce fully experienced mechanical engineers who can install, operate and maintain these machines.

Some of the Trainees are already undergoing training in the assembling of the post-cocoon processing equipment

TRIDI implements the Commercialization of Sericulture Technologies and Innovations in Uganda, a project set to improve the lives of Ugandan citizens through improving the economy by creation of jobs, which will reduce unemployment levels in the country and improvement of livelihoods.

Clet Wandui Masiga, PhD, the Project Principal Investigator says that this is a great move of taken in machine installation, is going to benefit Uganda very much, as the first ever silk mechanical engineers are going to be gotten from this exercise.

Clet Wandui Masiga, PhD, speaks about the engineers from china and their contribution while on their stay in the country.

These trainees are not only going to benefit from the knowledge instilled but also be the pioneers of silk machinery expert-handling in Uganda, who will in turn, pass on the knowledge to other citizens as well.

Men at work: Some of the equipment to be installed by the Engineers from China and their trainees.

The engineers from China, are in the Country under a joint partnership between Government of Uganda, through Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MoSTI), Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) and Tropical Institute of Development of Development Innovations (TRIDI).  

Some of the machines going to assembled for silk processing sets in motion. Photo by Mercy Scarlet Kigai

These joint efforts are to realize one dream of a better Uganda, through creation of employment opportunities which will improve the living standards of the citizens, and also ensure more knowledge enhancement among the populations, who are set to benefit both directly and indirectly from the sericulture project in Uganda.

The “Commercialization of Sericulture Technologies and Innovations in Uganda” project, which is implemented by the Tropical Institute of Development of Development Innovations (TRIDI), is envisioned to open up opportunities for all Ugandan, right from the farming stage to the office stages, this means both educated and uneducated citizens can benefit from this project.

Clet Wandui Masiga, PhD, adds that the onset of installation of these silk reeling machines, gives hope for the success of the silk industry, and more set ups of machines are to be established in up-to 50 stations, so as to create more opportunities allover the country.

Silk being a very pricy fabric will set the country to great line in economic standards when reeling commences and exportation sets in more open markets beyond the borders of the country, putting Uganda on the global market as not only a producer but an exporter as well.

By Mercy Scarlet Kigai, P.R.O TRIDI

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