Tropical institute of development innovations (TRIDI) has implemented the project of sericulture technologies and innovations in Uganda. This project is funded by government of Uganda through the ministry of science and technology

 This institution is an Education-based system, instilling Research and other forms of training to the learners like Fashion and design, ICT, Engineering and mechanic, Journalism, Agriculture, Sericulture and Applied chemistry

 Sericulture students are able to rear silkworms and come up with good qualities of cocoons

Applied chemistry are able to make different things like salt, coffee, tea leaves made out of avocado seeds, and liquid soap,  ready for consumption and soon or later are making different things like cooking oil, yoghurt, perfumes and among others

Fashion and design students are ready making outfits like Nigerian wear, uniforms, up loans, blouses, dresses, “A” line skirts and all fashions of clothes, out of different materials and are ready to make clothes or gomesi out of cocoons textile and are learning more styles

In Journalism, students are writing stories and are ready posting out in different channels or websites

Engineering students are assembling the machines in various places or factories like in Sheema and Kween and they are ready to do other things

ICTs are designing different types of posts and websites and very ready to handle everything which deals with internet

Students in agriculture section, they have grown different types of crops like sorghum, maize, yam and these varieties suites different weather conditions throughout the year, it’s planted for study purpose and are ready to become great farmers in the country

Remaining courses like Catering, Hairdressing, Public Administration, Education, and among others will be introduced soon as long as we meet the funds

fashion and design

TRIDI is an agro-based institute focusing on agri-business, research, skills development and creation of job opportunities

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