Tropical Institute of Development Innovations

How to Apply

Before You Apply Note This

It should be NOTED by all applicants that cases of impersonation, Falsification of Documents or giving false/incomplete information whenever discovered either at Registration or afterwards will lead to automatic CANCELLATION of admission and prosecution in the Uganda Courts of Law.

Upload a passport photo (required- PHOTO MUST NOT BE MORE THAN 2MBS)

1 Enter Surname                           

                                                             2. Enter Other Names in full

3.Choose Date of Birth

                                                             4.Enter Email Address

5.Your Phone Number                     

                                                            6.Choose your Disability status 

7.Choose your Gender                     

                                                            8.Choose your Nationality

9.Choose your Study level


12. Attach Academic Documents(All in one Document .zip (required )FILE MUST NOT BE MORE THAN 10MBS)

13.Enter your Sponsors’ Name             

                  14.Enter your Sponsors’ Contacts

15.Enter Next of kin Details (Given name, Tel.Number & Email Address

                                                   16.Enter your Current Residential Address

17. Tick to Confirm the Above Information

I have noted and understood the implication of giving incorrect information, I confirm that the information given on this form, to the best of my knowledge, is correct.


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