The Uniqueness and strength of the competition is in developing and polishing the skill sets of competitors to meet the needs of employers (private sector) in their workplace. The mix of technical, employability and personal skills is a key strength of the competition. Through participation in the Agro-Skills competition, competitors will be motivated to acquire and fine tune their skills to a level necessary to succeed in the national, regional and global economy. Integrating the acquired skills and knowledge back into the workplace will improve existing processes and systems. By participating, especially through training of the competitors, private sector contributes to:

  • 1. Well skilled future employees
  • 2. Improved links with TVET institutions to enhance collaborations
  • 3. Raised company profile and increased marketing opportunities
  • 4. Improved business performance
  • 5. National and international exposure
  • 6. Opportunities for staff development


Suitable private sector partners should be:

  • 1. Registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau
  • 2. Small and/or medium sized agro-processing/agro machinery manufacturing enterprise
  • 3. Established facilities dealing in the fabrication of agricultural and agro-processing equipment for a period of at least two (2) years
  • 4. In possession of one or more products with a UNBS quality mark for agro-processers, and for agro-manufacturers, be certified by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) to offer occupational skills
  • 5. All applications must be submitted via the online application system, available here (web based application under development) using the format provided.



1.. 15th Sept – 7th Oct 2021: Preparations by TRIDI, MoES, UNESCO & Partners  

2.. 11th – 15th Oct, 2021: Registration/Expression of interest to participate in the competitions

3.. 18th – 25th Oct, 2021: Screening and Review of Applications


4..  26th – 29th Oct, 2021: Training of participants in preparation for Regional competitions


5.1st – 4th Nov, 2021: Regional Assessements for competitors for further screening


6.6th – 15th Nov, 2021: Screened participants compete at regional level

7.18th Nov, 2021: Announcement of Regional Winners 


8.22nd-30th Nov,  2021: Regional winners train for National level Competitions 

9.. December 2021: Regional winners compete at National level

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