Tropical Institute of Development Innovations


Making healthy crops

Some of TRIDI’s most important work is concerned with producing and keeping crops healthy. Plant Production and Health is a top priority for TRIDI. Pests, diseases, toxins, invasive flora, and damage all take their toll on crop yields leading to poor harvests and impacting farmers’ livelihoods as well as producing low-quality crops that pose health hazards to consumers. TRIDI uses a multifaceted approach to control and manage these issues.

By providing farmers with access to the latest information on such threats, and then giving them economical, environmentally-sustainable mechanisms to deal with them, TRIDI enables farmers to leverage their own solutions. Coupled with this is the creation and distribution of higher quality seeds, which help to negate some of these issues before they become a problem.

Overall TRIDI’s focus on making healthy crops ensures that farmers are aware of any threats and can act quickly and effectively to stop loss and keep their communities fed.

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