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Integrated Sustainable Intensification and management





Rice, Banana, Maize and Sorghum are key staple food security, income and potential industrial crops in Uganda. However, their production per unit area is low. Key among the factors limiting their increased productivity is agronomic practices, drought and pests and diseases. This has led to an increase of food insecurity and poverty amongst the rural farming communities in the country. Current efforts to increase the productivity of these crops is focusing on breeding new varieties using both conventional and modern biotechnological approaches. However, the process and policy issues for development and deployment of new breeds may take a long time. A recent practise of using system for rice intensification has demonstrated high increases in production following simple practices. These practices include early transplanting, wide spacing, reduced water use, weeding and soil aeration and fertilization. We tested this practices on Maize, Rice, Banana, and Sorghum and the results have already doubled the yield in the trial farms.

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