Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI), has demonstrated a training institution with many different courses for learners in Uganda, among these includes Fashion and Design, Journalism, Sericulture, ICT, Agriculture and the Solitary Applied Chemistry

TRIDI’s chemistry laboratory owns the different types of things, which are made by students

These include salt, coffee, tea leaves and liquid soap They have come up with the different one i.e. water purification

Water is a substance composed of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen and existing in gaseous, liquid and solid states

The following are the requirements needed in making purified water, dirty water from swamp, rain or ground, filters, containers, sand, broken rabbles or rocks (stones)

The first course or container contains sand, the second contains broken stones (rocks) and fine sand slightly, and the third contains broken stones or rocks in bigger particles only and the last container is for pure or finest water

Mr.Milton Candia, says” to get pure water, shake the dirty water before pouring to the first course, it will wash the dirtiness from the sands and rocks and you will get dirty filtrations, keep returning it into the first container, whatever turn out to filtrate for much clear than what was before and the last result is pure water”

He, adds that, to reduce micro-organism you have to boil or treat it with chlorine before consumption because rain, swamp water contains a lot of germs

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