The structure of Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI) is an integrated management model reflecting its Programs and country operations. TRIDI is governed by the Board of Directors, which is chaired by Queen Mother Rotzett Namisi Keronega and consists of 5 members. The primary responsibility of the board is to provide policy guidance, monitor and supervise the Executive Director in the performance of his/her duties of day-to-day operations of the organization. Executive Director, serves as chief executive officer. He/she is complemented by a Managing Director who is the chief operating officer of the institute.
The institute’s programs correspond directly with the priority areas of the institute and are headed by the program Directors who lead planning and programming for their respective areas. Each Country Director drive the implementation of country programs, with staff of each program

The core values and principles of TRIDI

The core values and principles of TRIDI

The core values that make TRIDI stand for are:

  1. Quality Service: We commit to provide excellent services that meet the expectations of our clients.
  2. Integrity and Ethical conduct: The delivery of our services is based on moral standards expected of private non-profit officers.
  3. Innovation: We are committed to support the creation and development of new products and services, and the implementation of processes aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Partnership and collaboration: We engage our stakeholders including government, development partners/donors, civil society and the private sector in the design, implementation and evaluation of our programmes.
  5. Professionalism: We handle our clients to the best of our technical capacity by exercising openness, demonstrating high degree of competence and best practices in the delivery of our services.
  6. Transparency and accountability: We remain transparent and accountable to our clients by strengthening our feedback mechanism on the services provided.
  7. Inclusiveness: We involve and engage all our internal and external stakeholders by exploiting the existing synergies and opportunities and thus leaving no one behind.

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