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1. Sericulture Agro-Based Industry For Sustainable Socio-Economic Development

Abstract: Silkworm is an important primary productive insect species reared and exploited globally to boost the sericulture industry. The Sericulture industry has uplifted the social and economic livelihoods of people across the world by boosting the textile industry which is key in plummeting unemployment in developing countries. Livelihood and social improvement are achieved through employment opportunities, income generation, economic development, ecological and environmental values, agriculture integration, and environment protection. Sericulture directly employs people in mulberry production, leaf and root harvesting, egg production, silkworm rearing, post cocoon handling technologies such as cocoon harvesting and drying, silk reeling, winding, doubling, twisting, warping, weaving, printing and designing, finishing, and silk waste processing but also indirectly as traders of silk products, construction of drainage, rearing, ware …… Download this Publication here

Brian Ssemugenze, Joseph Esimu, Janet Nagasha, Clet Wandui Masiga (2021); Sericulture: Agro-Based Industry For Sustainable Socio-Economic Development: A Review; International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (IJSRP)

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