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National Coffee BILL

TRIDI in collaboration with Elgon Development Association (EDA), Elgon Mountain Thinkers, Bamasaaba Kampala Chapter, Coffee Growers Cooperative Societies and other partners reviewed the National Coffee Bill 2018 and provided the necessary revisions to Uganda Coffee Development Authority and subsequently presented the views to the Agriculture Committee of Parliament of the Parliament of Uganda. These views were adopted into the final report


Parliament passed the National Coffee Bill 2018 on Wednesday 5 August 2020 with some amendments.

The Bill seeks to repeal and replace the Uganda Coffee Development Authority Act, Cap. 325 enacted 29 years ago, which doesn’t meet the current needs and long-term goals of farmers or Government. The current law only covers off-farm activities of marketing and processing, leaving on-farm activities like planting materials, nurseries, harvesting and post harvesting handling outside the scope of the law.

The Bill among others, will require all coffee farmers to register at no cost to them. The registration will entail capturing details of the size of land, number of coffee trees, particulars of a farmer, coffee buyers, sellers and nursery bed operators. Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) will use the information compiled to facilitate the provision of services to coffee farmers individually or through farmer groups. These services include seed and seed garden management, good agricultural practices, disease and pest management control, and harvest and post-harvest handling among others.

The Bill also seeks to budget and plan for services that are critical for coffee production and productivity. Furthermore, it addresses developments, advances and challenges that have emerged in coffee research and extension services, farmer organisations and climate change.

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