March 22, 2023

The fate of your office could be lying in your hands, explore it! – Life of a boss.

Staff welfare and best conditioned mindset comes with a price with utmost comfort and better treatment at work – this means that the employers have to find ways of motivating their staff in all kinds of ways – build a team/family than just having total strangers at a workplace.
March 13, 2023


The silk industry in Uganda continues to grow on a daily as new development set in each passing day, ranging from the flourishing mulberry gardens to the amazing silkworm rearing process and now the industry is steadily transitioning to commercialization processes of post-cocoon processing and fabrication.
September 20, 2022

Mulberry – the key backbone to a successful silk business

Mulberry, solely, can give a guarantee assurance to healthy rearing processes, healthy worms and great cocoon output when rearing silkworms, and so it is very important to pay utmost attention to the garden as a farmer, because the performance of the mulberry automatically affects the performance of silkworms, at the end of the rearing cycle.