March 13, 2023


The silk industry in Uganda continues to grow on a daily as new development set in each passing day, ranging from the flourishing mulberry gardens to the amazing silkworm rearing process and now the industry is steadily transitioning to commercialization processes of post-cocoon processing and fabrication.
May 4, 2022

A clear venture into the Seri-world

The favourable temperature range for the rearing house is 22-28 degrees Celcius, while for best productivity, the numbers should be within 23-28 degrees Celcius. Any slight alteration beyond or below these numbers are capable of greatly affecting the health of the silkworm, hence causing low productivity.
April 21, 2022

Uganda to officially commence silk fabric production on complete installation of 2 silk factories

With the installation of these machines, Uganda stands a great opportunity to great revenue and much better, more employment opportunities for her population, leading to improved standards of living through improved household incomes, with the great number employment opportunities created by the project.
March 28, 2022


TRIDI is currently employing over 1500 Ugandans and many among these, have reaped greatly out of the chunks of cake shares which sericulture has served to them, ever since they joined the project. “I have since built my own shelter, paid my children’s school fees and bought a goat plus catered for many other household and personal necessities out of the money I earn as a casual worker for the project,” Ms. Melon Katwesigye, a casual worker working with TRIDI.
March 24, 2022

Seri-tribute to the Parish Development Model

The project, is currently being implemented in 24 districts i.e. Bukedea, Kiruhura, Sheema, Lira, Luweero, Kween, Nwoya, Pallisa, Busia, Bulambuli, Gomba, Kayunga, Nakaseke, Iganga, Mubende, Buikwe, Zombo, Pader, among others, with 1,548 acres of mulberry established and 2 factories under installation in Sheema and Kween. This has created jobs for over 700 Ugandans directly, who derive their livelihoods from the silk project. The project’s target is 50,000 acres of mulberry plantations, silk reeling factories in 50 districts across all regions of Uganda.